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Moodle login

Log in to all Moodle installations (with a few exceptions) using the data of the Central Authentication Service (CAS), the data is the same as for logging in to the SIS and other UK applications. Login data means your personal number (UKČO) and password.

IMPORTANT ! To log in to Moodle, it is necessary to have a verified e-mail in CAS, because Moodle takes it from CAS and needs it for a number of activities. It is not enough to have an e-mail in SIS! You can verify your e-mail here.

Teachers who participate in teaching at CU must have a contract with CU and therefore an account at CAS CU. This in turn entitles the holder to hold a UK card. The CU card can be picked up at one of the card issuing centers, see Card service centre. In the case of teaching external students, the course is set up to install Moodle for further education and it is necessary to contact the Moodle Helpdesk to set up an account:

Instruction how to acces Moodle for STUDENTS (EN)

In case of problems with CAS login, contact:

Course administration

General information about Moodle systems at Charles University, how to create a course and how to log in to Moodle you can find at the website of Central Library.

Moodle guide

All necessary instructions along with instructional videos are available at the official webpage of Moodle and at their Youtube channel.


Guides for teachers and students

All necessary instructions are available at the official website of Turnitin.

Log-in to Turnitin

To log in to Turnitin is only possible through Charles University website by clicking at the “Sign In” button.

Adobe Connect

Guides for teachers and students

All necessary instructions how to create webinars:  Manual Adobe Connect


All about MS Teams

Guides and  webinars here


All about ZOOM

All necessary instructions are here.